FMF Series: Episode 4- We're Talking the Struggles of Bloating

Dec. 2, 2022
Five Minute Friday Promo episode 4

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"A main cause of bloating is malnutrition, not eating enough, and also having disordered eating patterns or an eating disorder. If someone has dietary intolerances, this could lead to being bloated more than normal. The primary reason for abdominal bloating is gas. Gas is a typical product of digestion, but too much can cause that uncomfortable feeling of bloating."


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On today's episode we are discussing bloating. It is a frustrating symptom of being human and we are answering some common complaints and shedding light on the whys behind the bloat! Enjoy this listen.

**Note: These answers are for a general audience and are not a substitute for individual medical, nutritional, or mental health advice.

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