Nutrition Counseling at Campus Health

Nutrition Counseling With Registered Dietitians

  • Individualized nutrition counseling
  • Personalized pattern of eating and physical activity
  • Attention to any specific dietary needs and preferences

Our Dietitians Can Help You With:

  • Medical nutrition therapy for medically related issues, including:
    • GI: food intolerances/allergies, IBS, and others
    • Elevated cholesterol/blood pressure
    • Prediabetes/diabetes management
    • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
    • Nutrient deficiencies
    • Eating disorders/disordered eating
    • Other disease-related nutritional needs
  • Navigating nutrition as a college student
  • Sports/performance nutrition
  • Lifestyle/behavior counseling for optimal health and energy

What Students Are Saying:

"{The dietitian} is amazing, compassionate, and non-judgmental clinician. She is an excellent listener and very helpful to brainstorm with. I really appreciate how she is willing to troubleshoot and work with me."

"{The dietitian} was excellent. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for her exceptional guidance and expertise in refining my nutrition needs. Her informative approach and consideration of all lifestyle factors have truly made a positive impact on my approach to nutrition. Thanks to her dedication and support, I can see I will be able to achieve my health goals.

"I love {the dietitian}! She helped me so much in repairing my relationship with food, especially as an on-the-go college student."

Registered Dietitians are available for appointments most days of the week!

Call us at 520-621-9202 to schedule your in-person or virtual appointment!