Meal Planning Tool Kit Series: Lunch Break

Aug. 6, 2020

Let’s Make Lunch Simple


Planning and preparing lunch ahead of time saves you time and makes sure you have what you need to nourish when hunger strikes. Whether you eat at home or take your lunch to school/work, there are ways to decrease the stress and enjoy that break in your day!  


Brown-Bagging made easy 

  • Even if you work from home, consider making a lunch ahead of time a few days a week. 

  • Who needs one more thing to do in the morning? Consider packing your lunch the night before.  

  • Pack leftovers in microwave-safe containers, portion out into servings for easy to heat up lunches.  

What to Pack 

  • Think in 3’s: a serving of a grain, protein, and fruit/veggie  

  • Peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread + fruit  

  • Tuna salad sandwich on whole grain bread + snacking peppers + dip (ranch, hummus)  

  • Leftover pizza + piece of fruit + slices of cucumbers  

  • Bow tie pasta + Salad greens + strawberries + grilled chicken + dressing 

  • Salad greens topped with black beans + salsa + cherry tomatoes + avocado and a side of tortilla chips  

  • Add something fun and/or satisfying 

  • Cookie, piece of chocolate or a sparkling water 

  • Purchase microwave-safe cups of soup or soups from the deli at the supermarket 

  • To increase the nutritional value of canned soup, add frozen vegetables like broccoli, green beans, carrots, edamame beans, corn or spinach when heating.  


Lunch in a rush -- supermarket fast-foods 

  • If you are short on time but looking for healthy lunch fare, visit a supermarket.  You’ll be able to pick up individual servings of nourishing foods. 

  • Look for cups of Greek yogurt or cottage cheese. 

  • Check out the deli to see if soup, a salad bar or pre-packaged sandwiches or salads are available. 

  • Scan the isles for instant legume-based soups and pop-top cans or pouches of tuna. 

  • Quench your thirst with a half-pint of icy cold skim milk, chilled fruit juice, seltzer or bottled water. 


It can be hard to stay focused and fueled all day without breaks.  Taking a moment for selfcare midday can be a great opportunity to have lunch and recharge. Looking for more specifics, reach out to us here at Campus Health, the dietitians, myself included would love to help you feel your best!