Welcome to The Show- Transcript

June 18, 2020
Ashley [00:00:02.040] 

Hi, welcome to Nutrition Navigator's podcast.


Ashley [00:00:06.490] 

This is our first podcast, and we are the Nutrition Navigators, which is a program at Campus Health here at the University of Arizona. And we're so excited to be here. Our goal and mission is to help students on campus navigate having a healthy relationship with food in their bodies and providing, you know, nutrition information. And so we really hope to bring that information to you wherever you are. This is something we've been wanting to do for a while.


Ashley [00:00:35.980] 

My name is Ashley Munro. I'm one of the hosts of this show, and I am a registered dietitian over at Campus Health and I’m also from Tucson. And I went to the University of Arizona myself. It's been really awesome to come back on campus and connect with you students. But I am not the only host of the show that we've got coming to you this fall. Today's our little welcome episode, so I will let you chat with Kayla, who is also here.


Ashley [00:01:06.520] 

She's the co-host of this Nutrition Navigator's show, where we're going to bring wellness professionals to you students on campus. 


Kayla [00:01:15.340] 

Hello. Thank you, Ashley. So, our Spotlight series has always been our main source of information to the students. And it's actually been something we've been wanting to do for a while, especially with ever changing media and podcasts becoming more of a thing. We're going to be bringing our nutrition presentations to you. My name is Kayla Williams. I'm actually the student coordinator for Nutrition Navigators. I'm from Tucson, Arizona. I found myself in this position because I was actually initially pursuing a degree in dietetics a couple years ago, but I actually switched to family studies in human development and my minor Nutritional Sciences.


Kayla [00:01:53.620] 

I'll be graduating December. Woo, Finally! I still have a passion for nutrition.


Kayla [00:01:59.470] 

I'm super excited to be a part of a protest this semester. I mean, our mission has always been the same, but we just decided to take a different route and go for virtual  in order to cater to the needs of the world changing. So next, I'm going to be talking about what's going to be coming in the fall. Some episodes that we're going to be doing. We're excited to announce a few of our guests for the fall.


Kayla [00:02:21.460] 

That will be straight from our campus partners.


Kayla [00:02:23.830] 

Some of our first guest will. We'll have in the fall will include our friends from Campus Pantry. Dr. Patricia Sparks from the Nutritional Sciences Department is going to be talking about food safety. And we're also planning on bringing a bonus episode with all of our campus health dietitians for a listener question and answer session. Write us and let us know what you want to know. 


Ashley [00:02:47.530] 

Yes, if you're a listener and you have questions, we'll put it in the show notes to you. But you can always e-mail us at CHS-NutritionNavigators@email.arizona.edu.  We're excited, and you know, we try to cater it to what we think you want to know, what you guys want to know about nutrition and about what the wellness professionals information that they can give you. But we're taking stabs in the dark as to what you want to know.


Ashley [00:03:11.890] 

And we would we would like it so much more if you just, you know, write us right in and let us know who you want to show that we could actually do, not like Oprah's or something, (laughing), which would be so cool.


Ashley [00:03:25.600] 

OK, Kayla, I didn't want to forget this. So as a part of every episode, we are going to have some ending questions for all of our guests. And I thought we would kick off our first episode by having Kayla answer some of our rapid-fire nutrition questions.


Ashley [00:03:42.440] 

So, are you ready? Yes. OK. If you could only have three foods ever again, what would they be?


Kayla [00:03:52.930] 

My three foods. That's a good one. Ramen. Yes. Does boba tea count? Because I like it. Okay. Yeah. Boba milk tea. What's the third one. Oh my God. I guess like sushi. 


Ashley [00:04:17.200] 

I like that. I feel like you had like lots of different textures and like some beverage in there as well. Good. 

OK, next question. Breakfast or dinner? 





Crunchy tacos or soft tacos? 



Oh, soft tacos for sure. 



 If you can have dinner with any three people dead or alive, who would they be? 


Kayla [00:04:41.690] 

Whitney Houston. Michelle Obama. And my grandma.


Ashley [00:04:45.950] 

Awe, I love that. I love that. So that's kind of a fun little thing that we will throw in there every time. Thank you Kayla for answering those questions. But thank you guys so much for listening today.


Ashley [00:04:57.320] 

And yeah, we're excited for a fun semester. Be well Wildcats!