Episode 1: Welcome to the Show

June 18, 2020



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Show Details: 

Hi there! We are new here and wanted to introduce ourselves and talk about what is to come this Fall!!

Nutrition Navigators,  a program at Campus Health, in Health Promotion, here at the University of Arizona.

Our mission is to have students navigate nutrition and have a health relationship with food and body. 


Meet our team

Ashley Munro, RD, CDE

Kayla Williams, Student Coordinator, Nutrition Navigators


What’s coming in the Fall

We are excited to announce a few of our guests for the fall that will be straight from our campus partners.   Campus Pantry,  Dr. Patricia Sparks from the Nutritional Sciences Department will be talking about food safety, and a BONUS episode with all our campus health dietitians for a listener Q&A session! So, write us and let us know what you want to know!


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We are sponsored by Campus Health, Health Promotion and Preventive Services 

Special thanks to our sound engineer and editor Brian Paradis, M.Ed. Coordinator for Undergraduate Recruitment at THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA