Cooking on Campus

Treat yourself to healthy, home-cooked meals throughout college, and beyond! We're Cooking on Campus to show you how! Our Student Chefs will show you how easy it is to make tasty food during this hands-on culinary crash course. We will teach you the basics and take you beyond your expectations.

At this Hands-On Classes, cooking and nutrition advocates team up with nutrition expert Christy Wilson, from Campus Health Service, to inspire you to cook. These classes give you a unique opportunity to build confidence in the kitchen by creating, and tasting, deliciously healthy meals. You'll learn what to shop for on a student budget, develop the cooking skills that you need and get answers to your burning nutrition questions from people who are passionate about great-tasting food!




Be on the lookout for our Fall 2021 Schedule!

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Need some inspiration while at home?

Here are some helpful cooking resources from our favorite sites: 

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